J.C. Latimer Law offers mediation services for clients to solve family and business issues     without incurring the costs associated with adversarial actions.  Through mediation we facilitate negotiations between parties to resolve contentious issues in a manner that benefits all parties.

Family Mediation

At J.C. Latimer Law, we believe that for many couples, particularly same sex couples, mediation is an excellent option when a decision has been made to terminate the relationship.  In mediation, the parties work together, with guidance from the mediator, to reach agreement on important issues including parenting schedules, maintenance, support and division of assets. The mediation process allows the couple to consider all of the factors that are relevant to them and their families when they are negotiating the Separation Agreement.  For instance, same sex couples will face significantly different tax consequences from their divorce because of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act than opposite sex  couples will face. By working together to solve these issues, the parties are proactively creating a workable framework for their family following the divorce action.  Once an agreement is reached then the Separation Agreement can be drafted and filed with the court.  Generally, mediated divorces are faster and less expensive that litigated divorces.

In addition to divorce,  J.C. Latimer Law provides mediation services for families facing other   issues including modification of parenting schedules and financial planning and budgeting.

Business Mediation

We work with clients to mediate a wide range of business issues including partnership issues, business decision making, financial issues, employment issues and contract disputes. Through mediation, a conflict or issue can be resolved without the time and expense associated with litigation.  This allows are clients to spend their time focussing on growing their business rather than taking time away to focus on a lawsuit.


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