Family Law

J.C. Latimer assists clients in all areas of matrimonial and family law and at all stages of your relationship. Our services include:

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements – Pre-nuptial agreements enable couples to plan for important events in their lives, including children and estate planning, at the start of their married lives.  We encourage our clients to plan for the future to avoid the necessity of reacting to a crisis.  This approach is particularly valuable for same-sex couples because laws in other jurisdictions my impact your relationship in the future.
  • Co-habitation Agreements –  A co-habitation agreement is a practical means of documenting the rights and responsibilities of un-married people living together.  It creates a framework for the relationship and can also be useful in reminding the parties of their prior intentions if the relationship ends.
  • Adoption/Second Parent Adoption – We work with couples directly, and when appropriate we will engage other lawyers and professionals, to assist our clients with adoptions and second parent adoptions.
  • Financial/Estate Planning – We work with our clients to assist them in planning for the future and assessing their financial needs.  When appropriate, we will refer clients to     experts in financial planning, or insurance.
  • Divorce –  We understand that the end of a relationship is an emotional time.  We stand by our client to help them through this period.  Whether through an adversarial process or through mediation, our goal is to help our clients and their family to find a solution that creates the best opportunity for positive relationships in the future.


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